Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Here are current pictures (all taken within the last 4 days). Mateys first bath (he is sitting on a piece of foam that is yellow).
He really did do very well- at first the water was a little to hot for him but after cooling it he was happy and just hung out.


Scrunched up behind thePirate... Mateys got big feets...

There are more pictures to come, possibly later today possibly tomorrow.


Valinda said...

Usually Mommies fuzz out THAT part of the picture ;) Hey! thePirate is squishing him! Hey! Guys, come look! Matey PEED on Moga!!! George loves all the pics keep um coming.

Karen Valinda said...

I think Ddonn and Le owe you some money... and they never set a price on one of you SO you could probably name your price! I will start the bidding at $5 ;-}