Saturday, May 23, 2009

to sleep or not to sleep

Matey won't sleep in the bassinet beside the bed but he seems to be content with sleeping in the bed away from me. like i'll feed him and put him down and then slide a foot away and he won't wake up/care but if i feed him then try the bassinet Matey is all sorts of vocal. i don't get it.

and then there are the times when he doesn't want me scooting away and instead wants to use me as a pillow/snuggle.

we took a shower this morning (all of us) thePirate held Matey while i washed my hair then i washed up Matey- thePirate still holding him- and then Matey and i left so thePirate could shower in peace.

i've got a little water baby: bath, shower, rain - he likes them all. i can't wait to get him in a pool and see how that one goes over.


Karen Valinda said...

Here's guessing the basinett mattress is firmer than your mattress is and THAT lets him know he has been "abandoned". Or it is colder than your bed... unless you are doing the blanket under him that transfers with him trick. The cold against his cheek would be a shocker mom!
Leucas drug home a 6 man raft that he inflated and the inner ring stays inflated... viola' kiddie pool ;-} and you, or his longsuffering adoring uncle, will chill in style ^o*

le said...

We will have access to the pool when we move so for a month or 2 after you get here.