Saturday, May 30, 2009

pictures for An Wanna

BIG YAWNapparently nan thinks its extra cutie when infants are in "grown up"
clothes, i think this qualifies.
its sad when you lose to the wall...
(he was done looking at me and the flashing metal box)

i'm not living with any of you- i'm going to alaska. its not hot there. some sadistic weather person threatened that we'd hit 90... i didn't watch him tho, i watched the one that said we'd stay in the 70's.
thePirate doesn't get to stay home on weekends while he's at WLC/NCO academy/the-next-step-towards-making-sargent... but it seems thus far he'll be home most if not all nights even tho he gets off work at 7:30pm.


Le said...

Dude the wall is fascinating. And now I need to go find some tiny ties! He looks so cute. Oh I should go get him like a little 5 piece suit. No really I have seen baby ones before they is so cutey! And you wouldn't last in Alaska either it gets too cold. Your mom thinks I am mean but I have begun referring to most of the weather girls here as those whores who say it's gonna be hot.

Valinda said...

LOL The 2 of you crack me up. I also have hateful things to say to those evil men on tv. 35 days of over 80 this time of year might be great to them but they can just keep that to themselves. Wouldn't it be weird to live someplace that is either light all day or dark all day?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out how to make the bonus room upstairs at the new house look like Alaska... I am also going to start looking for an excelsior fan like the one your dad bought for me in Ogden when Tiney was born... it was a lifesaver in a hot arrid climate like we have here - now that you mention it! Even Le admits the temp drops 10 degrees in the shade here, it does Tiney, it really does and humidity is unknown outside of the shower. My grandson is adorable! (I figured someone out there would object to him being a door bell) ;-Þ