Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My two little boys

So far so good. Both me and thePirate try to get sleep
when and where ever we can. Niether of them are asleep here but arn't they just
the cutest?
This was while we were still at Grammys house- the
first time they slept next to each other.

I think thePirates only complain of sleeping with Matey is that
Matey always wakes up first- and loudly.

I hand thePirate Matey so I can go to the bathroom and when I get
back they're both fast asleep.

Matey is doing good, mommy and thePirate are tired but good as well.


Valinda said...

Matey's great! - George

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Tiney! I will have to put more with you in them up on my blog... I showed them to my bishop tonight ;-}
I love your boys! xoxoxox

Don said...

Great images, thanks mucho.