Friday, May 29, 2009

Matey goes to the Zoo

And slept virtually the entire time... I didn't really expect anything else and it didn't stop thePirate and I having fun so it was good. This first one is of Matey and the penguins (they were also sleeping and are to the left of his shoulder). He did at one point wake up while in the aquarium, gave it the look of "we have fish at home" and went back to sleep.

This little fishey wanted to eat Matey but I told him 'no' and he eventually went away.

Matey saw the Dr again and he is now 10lbs 2oz, 21" long and his head is 15" big.


Anonymous said...

So, you are obviously a successful member of the dairy team! I remember taking YOU to the same Zoo... YOU never slept there tho'- I missed that experience ;-} You liked the elephants and sharks... did he "see" them?
He is such a handsome sleeping boy!

Valinda said...

He's at the Zoo and he's sleeping???? I like yo talk to animals when I'm at the zoo. - George

Le said...

The Pirate wishes you had a fish tank like that at home...